Ladybird Morgan is a co-founder of the Humane Prison Hospice Project and works in palliative care with Mettle Health. She has guided medical practitioners, directors, families, and caregivers on how to be present to experiences that may be hard to hear or bear witness to. In addition to her 20+ years working in hospice and palliative medicine, she has a wealth of experience dealing with trauma, mental health, and the painful repercussions of sexual violence. She has worked with organizations including Doctors Without Borders, Zen Hospice Project, and the Commonweal Cancer Help Program. She joins Diana Lindsay, co-founder and co-director of Healing Circles Global, for a conversation about the end of life, transformation, and thresholds. Ladybird will explore how endings are also beginnings and how we can be present for it all.

This webinar is one in a series from Healing Circles. The webinar will take place at 9:30 am Pacific Time.