Did you know that the pilot CancerChoices site (BCCT) was rated highest for quality and trustworthiness of information on complementary cancer therapies among 11 sites? Read more ›

In this learning circle, you can explore the characteristics and process used in creating the CancerChoices therapy reviews, with a focus on credibility and trust. Then in a small circle, you will be invited to reflect on what you can trust and rely on when exploring cancer therapies. What does trustworthiness mean to you? How do you determine if you can trust a person, product, or service? What does this mean for your decision making regarding cancer care? Share your experiences and learn from others.

Learning circles combine an instructional component with a healing circle component. For this month’s topic, the instructional component will be a little more dominant.

You can enroll in the whole series of learning circles or pick and choose your topics. Circles will meet on Zoom 10–11:30 am Pacific Time the first Tuesday of each month.

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