Toxic Textiles: What’s in Your Closet? - CancerChoices

Fabrics often contain retardants, insect repellents, stain-resistant treatments, and waterproofing agents, which can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

Surprisingly, no federal regulations exist for chemicals in clothing manufactured outside the U.S., constituting 98% of all clothing sold in America. Adding to the concern, certain federal laws even encourage using chemicals in clothing, such as the highly toxic flame retardants in some children’s pajamas.

Join Deborah de Moulpied, Anticancer Lifestyle Program’s green living expert. to learn which textiles to be cautious of and, more importantly, how to protect yourself from harmful chemicals in your clothing and fabrics. You will also learn practical tips for detoxing your wardrobe and making safer choices for yourself and your family.

Time: 7pm EDT, offered through Zoom

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