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Welcome to CancerChoices.org

The CONNIE THOMPSON FOUNDATION (CTF) is established to increase the awareness and availability of complementary therapies that supplement chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients. We are a non-profit organization promoting integrative oncology–a balanced, integrative medicine approach to the War on Cancer. Complementary therapies help to reduce side effects, enhance the effectiveness of conventional therapies, and increase survivability. CTF also funds scientific, evidence-based research supporting more effective and less harmful therapy in cancer treatment. We are not a marketing site, and you won’t find pop-up ads here. Anything we offer for sale is to help us assist those being treated for cancer. We are simply providing services to cancer patients, public information, and the opportunity to contribute to promising new methods essential to victory over this horrible disease. The Foundation is named in memory of Connie Thompson who became a casualty of this war in 2001… Read Full Story.


From our Founder

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Connie Thompson

Connie Thompson was an unlikely candidate for cancer. A health enthusiast, she adhered to a nutritious diet, exercised regularly, didn’t drink or smoke, and had no extraordinary stresses in her life. She had yearly medical checkups including mammograms. Yet, in 1998, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Terry Thompson

Terry lost his wife, Connie, to cancer after three years of agonizing battle with the disease. He has established the Connie Thompson Foundation in her memory. The dark-valley experience of living with cancer drove him to research the state of America’s cancer treatment and pursue a new treatment strategy.

Terry’s Blog

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A New Strategy for the War On Cancer

The book, A New Strategy for the War On Cancer, by Terry Thompson, was birthed from a passion of the author to lead a movement to improve on the cancer treatment strategy that has changed relatively little in decades. The book is key to expanding minds and enlisting volunteers for what has become an obsession for the author.

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We Need Your Help!

The objective of the Connie Thompson Foundation is to further the awareness of integrative cancer therapies, to offer selected complementary therapies, and to provide quality research into such therapy options. We cannot wage much of a battle in that direction without considerable funding support from those with a passion for finding a cure. We are depending on you.

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