Integrative Cancer Care Handbooks

Integrative approaches combine conventionalthe cancer care offered by conventionally trained physicians and most hospitals; examples are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy care,  self carelifestyle actions and behaviors that may impact cancer outcomes; examples include eating health-promoting foods, limiting alcohol, increasing physical activity, and managing stress, and complementaryin cancer care, complementary care involves the use of therapies intended to enhance or add to standard conventional treatments; examples include supplements, mind-body approaches such as yoga or psychosocial therapy, and acupuncture care to produce your best possible outcomes.

Handbooks are available for individual cancer types, for some treatment approaches, for many side effects and symptoms common with cancer, and for body terrain topics.

Handbooks for cancer types

We’re building further handbooks on broad cancer types. While we’re assembling the new handbooks, we share these from our predecessor site, Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies.

Resources for other cancer types

Gynecological cancer

Ben-Arye E, Samuels N, Lavie O. Integrative medicine for female patients with gynecologic cancer. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2018 Sep/Oct;24(9-10):881-889.

Lung cancer

Frenkel M, Slater R, Sapire K, Sierpina V. Complementary and integrative medicine in lung cancer: questions and challenges. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2018 Sep/Oct;24(9-10):862-871.

Pancreatic cancer

Frenkel M, David A, Sapire K, Hausner D. Complementary and integrative medicine in pancreatic cancer. Current Oncology Reports. 2023 Mar;25(3):231-242.

Find complementary therapies for each cancer type

You can search for therapies showing benefit for a specific cancer type in our reviews of complementary therapies. Select a cancer type from the filters along the left side of the page. Reviews of Complementary Therapies ›

Integrative approaches to cancer treatment

More handbooks are under development.

Managing symptoms and side effects

Handbooks on further side effects and symptoms are available on our predecessor site, Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies:

Body terrain