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CancerChoices is the most comprehensive free resource on integrative cancer care on the Internet.

And we are just getting started.


In addition to regularly updating our existing content, sharing information on social media platforms, and other outreach efforts, the CancerChoices team envisions adding the following content to this site: 

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we need your support. Your donation will be in service to expanding and sharing this balanced and comprehensive resource. 

We are here as an independent resource for you, uninfluenced by profit motives of any kind. We share what we would want our loved ones to know if they had cancer. We rely fully on contributions from people who believe in our work. Your donations are important.

If you are interested in making a larger contribution or supporting one of our planned topics, we invite you to contact us:

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We are a small team with big ambitions. Our goals are multifaceted. We hope to offer people with cancer and their loved ones compassionate and scientifically based guidance on an integrative approach. And we hope to elevate the field of integrative cancer care so that in time, integrative cancer care will become the standard of care. Be a part of our work. We welcome you to: 

Strengthen our content by sending feedback. When applicable, please include citations.  

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Volunteer by serving as a guide for people who need support navigating CancerChoices. If you have other skills that you’d like to contribute to our work, please contact us.


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