The 7 Healing Practices can make you healthier in many ways:

  • They build your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual resilience in the face of cancer’s challenges and the rigors of conventionalthe cancer care offered by conventionally trained physicians and most hospitals; examples are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy treatments.
  • They reduce symptoms and side effects that are common during cancer and its treatment.
  • They improve your body terrainthe internal conditions of your body, including nutritional status, fitness, blood sugar balance, hormone balance, inflammation and more, making your whole body less hospitable to cancer and to other diseases.
  • They may improve quality of life, extend your life, and reduce your risk of recurrence.
  • Most of these practices are supported by substantial evidence, which we detail on each of the practice pages.

Go for it. Go for healing.


Exploring What Matters Now

Asking what matters now awakens us to what life offers us or asks of us at turning points in our lives.

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Eating Well

Nourishing yourself with food that is both health-promoting and delicious improves your well-being and builds your resilience against cancer and side effects.

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Moving More

Moving your body reduces the risk of cancer, promotes health after a diagnosis, and can reduce some side effects of treatment. Finding activities that are fun will increase both your motivation and your enjoyment.

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Managing Stress

Identifying, reducing, or removing the stressors in your life is a critical dimension of healing with cancer. So is managing your response to the stressors you can’t remove.

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Every cancer journey is unique. Yours is no exception. We believe that only you can know what is best for you. CancerChoices is here, as a balanced expert resource, to help you connect with integrative cancer care information and options that align with your journey and what matters most to you.

Michael Lerner, Co-founder of CancerChoices and author of Choices in Healing

Sleeping Well

Sleeping Well is a key practice for improving your quality of life, managing symptoms and side effects you may experience with cancer, and even enhancing your response to cancer treatments.

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Creating a Healing Environment

Creating a Healing Environment can be powerful for your health and wellness, both in creating healing spaces and in minimizing exposures which may impair your healing.

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Sharing Love and Support

Participating in supportive partnerships and communities can bring many benefits, from reducing risk of cancer and improving survival after diagnosis to improving quality of life.

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Recommendations from professionals

These cancer groups and organizations recommend several of the 7 Healing Practices as part of your lifestyle approach to cancer.

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7 Healing Practices

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