Every cancer journey is unique. Yours is no exception. We believe that only you can know what is best for you. CancerChoices is here, as a balanced expert resource, to help you connect with integrative cancer care information and options that align with your journey and what matters most to you.

Michael Lerner Co-founder of CancerChoices and author of Choices in Healing

Reviews of complementary therapies

  • Find therapies that are used along with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • See how we rate therapies for effectiveness, safety, and cost.
  • Read how experts use these therapies in cancer care.
  • Explore the evidence behind their use.
Reviews of Complementary Therapies

Guidance at each phase

As you enter each section of the path of living with cancer, it may feel unfamiliar and maybe even daunting. We’ve pulled together maps of sections of CancerChoices to explore based on where you are in your cancer experience.

Guidance for Each Phase

Integrative cancer care handbooks

Integrative approaches combine conventionalthe cancer care offered by conventionally trained physicians and most hospitals; examples are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy care,  self carelifestyle actions and behaviors that may impact cancer outcomes; examples include eating health-promoting foods, limiting alcohol, increasing physical activity, and managing stress, and complementaryin cancer care, complementary care involves the use of therapies intended to enhance or add to standard conventional treatments; examples include supplements, mind-body approaches such as yoga or psychosocial therapy, and acupuncture care to produce your best possible outcomes.

Handbooks are available for individual cancer types and for some treatment approaches, plus a handbook detailing how to develop a personalized integrative approach to your cancer care.

Integrative Cancer Care Handbooks

Symptoms and side effects handbooks

Your guides to preventing, managing, and reducing unpleasant symptoms and side effects from cancer and treatment.

Managing Cancer Symptoms & Side Effects

Body terrain handbooks

Learn how to optimize your body environment—your body terrain—for health and wellness, and to create an environment that is less supportive of cancer.

Body Terrain Handbooks