Body Terrain Handbooks

Your body terrain is the internal conditions of your body—nutritional status, fitness, blood sugar balance, hormone balance, inflammation, and more. The condition of your terrain can make a big difference in cancer outcomes. Improving your terrain, similar to improving soil in a garden, can lead to much better results.

Optimizing your body terrain

Conventional carethe cancer care offered by conventionally trained physicians and most hospitals; examples are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy, self carelifestyle actions and behaviors that may impact cancer outcomes; examples include eating health-promoting foods, limiting alcohol, increasing physical activity, and managing stress, and complementary carein cancer care, complementary care involves the use of therapies intended to enhance or add to standard conventional treatments; examples include supplements, mind-body approaches such as yoga or psychosocial therapy, and acupuncture can all improve your body terrain to make it less supportive of cancer.

Optimizing Your Body Terrain

Body weight

Having a healthy body weight is linked to lower risk of many types of cancer, better body terrain—a body that is less supportive of cancer—fewer or less severe side effects and symptoms, and in some cases better survival after diagnosis.

Body Weight

High blood sugar and insulin resistance

Repeated high blood sugar levels can create imbalances leading to insulin resistance. Chronically high levels of blood sugar and insulin can create conditions favorable to cancer growth and spread.

High Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance

Vitamin D deficiency

Optimal vitamin D blood levels are linked to better survival, better body terrain linked to better cancer outcomes, and lower risk of cancer. Optimal levels are also linked to fewer symptoms or less severe symptoms of some side effects common during cancer treatment.

Vitamin D

Your microbiome

Links have been found between the composition of your microbiome—your particular collection of microbes—and cancer outcomes. Your micriobiome also affects other body terrain factors and side effects common in cancer.

Your Microbiome

We’re developing handbooks on these further body terrain factors linked to cancer:

  • Bleeding and coagulation imbalance
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Immune function
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidation