Funding Partners

Delivering integrative cancer care information through CancerChoices requires substantial research time. We are entirely dependent on funding and donations from individuals and foundations.

Principal funding partners

Lucy Waletzky, MD

Dr. Waletzky is a board member of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Her 40-year psychiatric practice focused on working with people with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Waletzky was the co-founder and co-president of the Medical Illness Counseling Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. She also has a strong background in environmental health and integrative medicine.

The Scheidel Foundation

The Scheidel Foundation invests in two primary fields of interest:  organizations that promote college readiness and completion, and organizations that advance the practice of integrative cancer care.

Roger and Vicki Sant

Roger Sant is co-founder and chair of the Summit Foundation in Washington, DC. He is co-founder and chair emeritus of The AES Corporation, past regent chair of the Smithsonian Institution, and a board member of WWF-US and WRI.

Vicki Sant was co-founder and president of the Summit Foundation, past president and trustee of the National Gallery of Art, and a former trustee of Stanford University.

Support our research

Our principal funding partners played a vital role in developing CancerChoices. However, our ongoing work will depend on support from people like you. We welcome your online contributions here. If you wish to discuss a larger contribution, a gift of appreciated equities, or other forms of creative support, please contact Erin O’Reilly at Commonweal.