In March 2023 Michael Lerner interviewed Suz Mondello, friend of Commonweal and alumna of the Cancer Help Program, about her life and her experience with cancer. This story, the fourth and final in a series, highlights two videos from that conversation exploring some of Suz’s deepest learnings from cancer.

This interview followed conversations in December 2022 and January 2023 between Suz and CancerChoices staff Laura Pole and Nancy Hepp. Suz shared openly about everything from diagnosis to managing pain, palliative care and hospice care, seeking and accepting social support, and more. See the links below to view three previous stories highlighting recorded portions of these conversations, as well as to view the full interview with Michael.

Suz’s deep hope is that others who also walk with cancer will find information and inspiration within these conversations that make their journeys even a little bit lighter, less overwhelming, and easier to navigate. We sincerely thank Suz for the gift of her time, her wisdom, and her bright, kind, and compassionate presence.

My Advice to People with Advanced Cancer with Suz Mondello
What I Learned from Cancer with Suz Mondello

Watch the full interview with Michael Lerner

Sue Mondello—Conversation at the Edge: A Spiritual Biography

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