Dear CancerChoices Community, 

I am delighted to introduce myself to all of you as the new program director for CancerChoices. 

In recent years, I found myself navigating cancer care options for two women in my life who were diagnosed with rare and aggressive cancer types. It was through this process I stumbled upon CancerChoices and was excited to find an evidence-based resource for complementary therapies. I was also deeply impressed with Commonweal’s dedication to cultivating a culture of healing in the cancer community over many decades. I knew I wanted to work in integrative health moving forward in my career, and serendipitously CancerChoices was looking for someone to lead the program. I am grateful for the opportunity!

A researcher at my core, I studied molecular biology in college and am continually fascinated with science and the elegance of our living world. Graduate studies at UC Berkeley in public health introduced me to the relationship of culture and wellness, which has become a strong personal passion of mine. Where we live, the people we interact with, and the foods we have access to, all deeply influence our health. My life-long penchant for learning has led me to study clinical herbalism, reiki, and I am a yoga practitioner and teacher. I am often taking workshops on wellness modalities, and the ever-flowing river of books in my living room holds tomes on everything from medicinal mushrooms to the yoga sutras. 

The CancerChoices team has built an incredible resource for patients, their families, and healthcare practitioners looking for trustworthy information on integrative care, and they have done so with heart. I hope to come to know many of you as I begin my journey with CancerChoices, and look forward to continuing to build the strongest resource available on integrative oncology for our community and beyond. 

Thank you for your trust and your wisdom.

Christine Mineart, MPH  

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Christine Mineart, MPH

Program Director

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Christine has a dynamic background in the life sciences, public health, and program operations. Her career began at the lab bench with a Gates Foundation-funded HIV Vaccine research group, which led her to graduate studies in public health epidemiology at UC Berkeley. Her research experience spans clinical epidemiology research to evaluating the impacts of community nutrition programs in Los Angeles, the Central Valley, and Oakland. Most recently she has worked in executive operations for a seed-stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Personally, Christine is passionate about holistic health and wellness. She is a clinical herbalist and Reiki master, and she has been practicing yoga for 15+ years. She brings a breadth of experiences to her work leading the CancerChoices program.

Christine Mineart, MPH CancerChoices Team